NATO workshop for Harmonization of defence and civil standardization protocols

Dr. János Pálhalmi is attending the NATO Standardization Workshop for Biotechnology and Innovation. The focus of this workshop is the bridge-building between civil and defence standards on Emerging and Disruptive Technologies (EDTs) in the field of biotechnology, AI and big data analysis.
Since 2017 the cooperation between NATO and Civil Standards Developing Organizations has been constructively promoted by the NATO Committee for Standardization. To accelerate this process the NATO use of Civil Standards has been introduced and the 3rd iteration of this module is being organized by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS) in a form of a workshop at the Hellenic Armed Forces Officers Club premises, Athens, Greece, this week.
The major aim of the workshop can be described by the following the motto: “Civil as possible, Military only as necessary”.
We are having a great week ahead to discuss the gaps and challenges between civil and defence standardization procedures related to R&D and innovation.

Dr Palhalmi Janos at the NATO workshop

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