General Services

Testing & Validation

We offer metrology-level validation, testing and use-case optimalization services for wearable biosignal measurement solutions that are:

  • already in the market
  • in need of complete production technology coordination and quality control
  • work in progress and in need of more sophisticated and precise computational algorithms

We seamlessly blend our academic background in bio-informatics and research with the direct knowledge of industrial production processes, standards, metrology methods and a thorough understanding of the latest trends and technologies in wearable biosignal measurement devices.

We can assist you with:

  • biosignal metrology level computational algorithm and/or biosensor testing
  • complete device and method comparisons (technical, scientific background, metrology, use-case)
  • biosensor configuration design to find the most cost effective solution for a specific use-case

Our solutions are always customized to the specific requirements of our Clients. Feel free to contact us to set up an initial virtual meeting to discuss your needs!

Clinical Validation Planning and Coordination
R&D Project Design and Coordination
Digital Biomarker / Indicator development
Statistical Study Design
Algorithm Development and Validation

Data Level Consultancy Service

One of our specialities is to optimize the field of application (use case) with the possible application technologies,  involving the design of data collection strategy, statistical design and the conceptual design of data integration possibilities.

This phase is an interdisciplinary workflow carried out by the contribution of business developer experts, engineers, scientists and system integrator experts.

The purpose of this step within the workflow is to harmonize the use case, the business model and the application technology at the conceptual level. This concept phase level strategy of course can be modified or improved based on the output of the workflow  finalized at the Information level.

This service package within the workflow is what we call:

Signal Level Consultancy Service

This section of the workflow is close to coding and engineering. We compare the effect of different signal conditioning and processing methods on the raw signal to evaluate the influence of these methods on the information layer.

This service package is especially important in bioinformatics, medical and health informatics development projects.

For special Biosignal Metrology applications please see the selected publications at the Biosensor Validation section.

This service package within the workflow is what we call:

Information Level Consultancy Service

This service package contains algorithm development, coding and metrology level validation protocols.